• Welcome to the Christian Witches Convention 2023!

    Memorial Day Weekend

    Thursday - Sunday

    May 25 - 28, 2023

    Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


    Catch us next year!

  • You are invited to the most heretical event on earth...

    This is the 3rd Christian Witches Convention and you're invited!

    This event was started in 2019 to bring together Christian Witches from all over in community and learning.

    2020 and 2021 we took off for obvious reasons.

    2022 was the 2nd Christian Witches Convention, with even more Witches, Wizards, Warlocks and Magickal Beings present!

    This year, in 2023, we expect even more attendees to what could be called the most heretical event on planet earth.


    This pic was snapped at the historic, first ever Christian Witches Convention in 2019 in Salem, Massachusetts.

    We made history, and we're still doing it. Join us in the mission.

    This pic was snapped at the Christian Witches Convention in 2022 in New Orleans, LA, USA.

    This year's event (2023) is the 3rd Christian Witches Convention and will be better than EVER!

    The Christian Witches Convention welcomes all people, all ages and all faith walks.

  • If you're ready to make history, there's no better place to do it than at the CHRISTIAN WITCHES CONVENTION 2023!


    Thursday - Sunday

    Memorial Day Weekend: May 25-28, 2022

    in Las Vegas, NV, USA

    In 2020 and 2021, the Convention was not held as the world experienced a 'global meditation.'

    We came back in 2022 like we never left.

    In 2023, the tradition continues...








    Though the Convention is catered to Christian Witches, we welcome and honor ALL people and ALL faith walks. We are an 'open arms' global community. As long as you come in love and peace, you're welcome to join us for a Magickal Weekend of Witchy deliciousness in Las Vegas!





  • Christian Witches Convention 2023



    Event Starts on Thursday, May 25, 2023 @7 PM

    Event Ends on Sunday, May 28, 2023 @12 Noon

    (It's Memorial Day Weekend, so we thought you might want to spend time with your family in Las Vegas on Sunday and Monday ;-)

    Thursday, May 25th @7 PM - Opening Ritual & Reception

    Wear your Witchiest gear and head to the opening ceremonies for the Christian Witches Convention 2023. All are welcome, including kids! Remember, to enter the reception, EACH PERSON 18 and over must have a ticket. (18 and under are free to attend.) Be EARLY! This is a fun night meeting everyone. The show starts @7 PM.

    Friday, May 26th @9 AM - 5 PM

    Workshops and classes on Christian Witchcraft, the Origins of Christianity, Magick & the Occult, Bible Magick and more! (Speakers will be announced shortly so grab your tix now.)

    Saturday, May 27th @9 AM - 5 PM

    More classes, workshops and networking on Christian Witchcraft, how to practice, rituals, what is Initiation in the Christian Witchcraft tradition and more!

    Vendors will be on hand at the event for your Christian Witchcraft supplies.

    Saturday, May 27th @8 PM - Christian Witches Ball!

    Saturday night at the Christian Witches Convention is a party with a theme.

    Each year, we have a new theme, to embody the characters who make magick. In 2019 for the Christian Witches Ball on Saturday nights was American Horror Story: Coven.

    In 2022, the theme for the Christian Witches Saturday night party was the Matrix.

    In 2023, the theme for the Christian Witches Ball on Saturday night is:


    Yep, for all you cosplayers out there (and anyone with a big imagination) it's time for you to get your BEST Lord of the Rings costume ready (based on ANY character you choose).

    We're giving away prize money to the best costume, so go for it!

    Sunday, May 28th @10 AM - Christian Witches Church

    The Christian Witches Church service at the first Christian Witches Convention was held on Resurrection Sunday and all of us who were present will never forget the resonance of deep connection and palpable Magick in the room in Salem. This year, we're holding a full blow Christian Witches Church service with musical guests and more to GET YOUR PRAISE ON!

    We thought you might like to see pics from our Witchy adventures at the first ever, historic Christian Witches Convention in Salem and the second Christian Witches Convention in New Orleans, so here goes a peek at our magickal community...


    This year, as we have in the past, we're partnering with brands and businesses in the Witchy community for mutual growth and expansion! As a brand partner, you receive significant promotion before, during and after the event, as well as features on all our websites, branded content creation for all our social media outlets, dedicated vendor space at the event for your products and services, signage at the event, as well as the opportunity to address our attendees at the convention. We'll design the perfect package for you considering your desired outcomes and marketing budget (brand partnerships are $5,000 to $25,000 for this event). Christian Witches reaches 10k on Facebook, 5k on Instagram, 3k on YouTube and more through our website and private community. A full media kit will be sent to you with numbers and demographics.


    To begin the conversation, please tell us more about your brand:

  • Here's a look at the offerings of our readers & vendors

    at the historic first ever Christian Witches Convention

    Held in Salem, Mass, USA on Easter weekend in 2019.

    Apply to be a vendor or reader HERE.

    Witchy Vendors - Limited Space

    Crystals, candles, incense, oils, spiritual supplies, herbs, natural care products and more are all highly valued by our attendees, and especially witchy supplies that are tailored to the practice of Christian Witchcraft.


    We especially love authors and books! Books favored by our attendees are on the subjects of Magick, Astrology, Mysticism, Bible Magick, Hoodoo, Rootworking, Christian Witchcraft, Christian Magick and all magickal and/or spiritual paths including Shamanism, Yoruba, Santeria, Voodoo, Akan, 21 Divisions, etc.

    Energy Healers & Practitioners

    We also love energy healers and practitioners as vendors. The work pictured here is by B.E.S.T. Master Practitioner Dr. Jewa Lea at the first ever Christian Witches Convention.

    Your Branded Products

    We love magickal and spiritual concoctions, elixirs and natural products created by your witchy business! Bring on the candles and accoutrement!

  • FAQ's

    Answering a few frequently asked questions...

    Is the Christian Witches Convention ONLY for Christian Witches?

    NO. The Convention is open to ALL. We cater to and create our offerings for Christian Witches, yet ALL people of ALL faith walks are welcome. We hold all religions and spiritual paths in high regard and welcome and honor all faith walks. We also welcome ALL Magickal Practitioners, including Hoodoo Rootworkers, Vodou Priests & Priestesses, Yoruba and Akan Priest & Priestesses, those who practice Santeria and 21 Divisions, Wiccans, Solomonic Magicians, Sorcerers and ALL magickal practitioners who are aligned with FREEDOM of WORSHIP and FREEDOM of DEVOTION for ALL people. We welcome those who are aligned with and friends of Christian Witches, though not Christian Witches. We also welcome families and friends of Christian Witches. This gathering is an amazing space for all Magickal Beings!

    Why does this convention exist?

    Christian Witches as a global community can benefit from convening for the purposes of deepening connections, creating and building relationships with other Christian Witches and Magickal Practitioners. Some Christian Witches are maligned, while others feel alone in their walk. We pray this convention is a BEACON of LIGHT & LOVE for all Magickal Beings, especially Christian Witches.

    When and where is the event held?

    The Christian Witches Convention is being held in 2023 in Las Vegas! Our exact location will be emailed to you along with your receipt and confirmation.

    What happens if I choose to pay with Bitcoin?

    Rev. Valerie Love has been a proponent of Bitcoin since she frst learned of it in 2014 and has taught Magick, Money & Metaphysics to millions of viewers on her YouTube channel for over 13 years. Bitcoin is the world's money, beyond governments. To incentevize payments in Bitcoin, the Bitcoin price is less than the pricing for tickets that are paid for with debit and credit cards. Use the money of the future and save! This opton is only recommended for those who are familiar with Bitcoin and know how to make Bitcoin payments. Use the links below.


    You are loved and appreciated!

    For being who you are, and for standing up for freedom of worship and freedom of devotion for all people in this global movement.

    See you in Vegas!